Is it safe?

Paztattoo Wiesbaden is a registered studio and has been approved by the Ministry of Health and Disease Conrol Center of Germany (Bundesministerium für Gesundheit Deutschland - Gesundheitsamt). All of our working equipment is checked daily. At Paztattoo Wiesbaden we take great care in the safety of all our clients during working procedures and put importance on a sterile working environment. We use laser sharpened, individually pre-packed and gas sterilized single-use tattoo needles. We work with the highest quality pigments and working instruments available on the market today. Anyway a tattoo is kind of an open wound and can get infected. Try to keep it clean at all times and stick to our aftercare advice to avoid infection.


I have an idea, but I can't draw. Can you help me with the drawing?

Yes, we can. That's what we do. You should be as clear as possible while explaining the idea for your tattoo. Any references, sketches, photos etc. will help - and save a lot of time.


How should I prepare for a tattoo?

Rest well the night before. Get a good night's sleep and refrain from partying, drugs, blood diluting medication and alcohol. Have a good breakfast/lunch before your tattoo appointment. If you come to your tattoo apointment tired or ill, you will probably find it difficult to make it through a long 3 - 5 hour session of tattooing. If you follow these instructions getting a tattoo will be a lot easier for you.


Can you cover up my old tattoo?

Yes, we can, but we are not able to realize every project. It depends on many factors, like on the placement of your old tattoo on your body, on the available space for tattooing on your skin, on how deep the old pigments are and how dark the whole tattoo is, on how appliable your idea is in general, and so on. The best way would be to set-up a consultation appointment with our artist and visit us at the studio, but in case you live far away from Wiesbaden, just send us a picture of your old tattoo. NOTE: Re-working old tattoos may take more time than getting a new one.


How does the consultation appointment work?

Sometimes it makes sense to meet in person prior to your  actual tattooing appointment. Please do not forget to bring all your sketches and references with you. On your consultation appointment you may discuss in person all the details and ideas for your project. This serves to provide the best communication between a client and an artist, as well as to eliminate any misunderstandings. We might take notes, measurements, share ideas with you, explain various technical nuances, form a plan or give you valuable advice. As soon as the idea is clear for both sides and you are willing to take it to the next step, we may schedule your tattooing appointment. In many cases a consultation is not necessary, though, and talking vie mail or facebook is perfectly fine.


What is the price range for tattoos?

Prices for tattoos start at 100 € (studio minimum) and are quoted by the artist according to design, size, location, etc. Usually we can tell you what your tattoo will cost as soon as we know place, size and motive. You are paying for tattooing time only, we do not charge for consultation time nor for drawing/development and preparation time, including breaks during the tattooing process. NOTE: If you are on a limited budget, please inform us before we start to develop your design so we can work according to your budget.


What is a deposit?

As soon as you have decided to do your tattoo with us and make a tattooing appointment, we will ask you to pay a deposit of 100€. If you can't make it to your appointment, tell us at least 48 hours before, if not, you will loose your deposit. In general, deposits are not refundable.But it is valid for half a year, so if you can't make it to your appointment - just schedule another one.


How long will I have to wait for my tattoo?

Your waiting time will depend on the size and complexity of your tattoo idea as well as on our workload at the time. Approximately, you will have to wait for your tattooing appointment between 2 weeks and 5 months. We take care of walk-ins as well - if you just drop by with a tattoo idea that can be realized quickly (that is in one session) and we have time, you will get it right away.